🌀 How to Make a Simple Vacuum Cleaner with a DC Motor: A DIY Project for Kids! 🌀

Are you looking for a fun and educational DIY project to do with your kids? How about making a simple vacuum cleaner with a DC motor! This project is not only a great way to teach your kids about the principles of physics, but it's also a practical and functional tool that they can use to clean up around the house. Let's get started! 🧹


  • 🌀 DC motor
  • 🧹 Plastic bottle
  • 🎀 Rubber band
  • 🧼 Glue
  • 🌽 Drinking straw
  • 📦 Small box (optional)


  1. 🌀 Take the DC motor and glue it to the bottom of the plastic bottle.
  2. 🧹 Cut a hole in the top of the bottle big enough for the drinking straw to fit through.
  3. 🎀 Attach the rubber band to the motor shaft and wrap it around the bottle to create a spinning motion.
  4. 🧼 Glue the drinking straw to the top of the bottle, making sure it covers the hole.
  5. 🌽 Cut off the end of the drinking straw to create a nozzle for the vacuum cleaner.
  6. 📦 (Optional) If you want to create a housing for the motor and bottle, cut a hole in the top of the box and glue the bottle to the box.

Explanation: The DC motor creates a spinning motion that creates a low-pressure area inside the bottle. When the nozzle is placed over a surface, the air rushes into the low-pressure area and carries any dust or debris along with it, effectively cleaning the surface. This is the same principle that real vacuum cleaners use!


  • 💡 Experiment with different nozzle shapes to see if they affect the suction power of the vacuum.
  • 🧪 Try using different types of motors to see if they produce different results.
  • 🌪️ Test the vacuum's suction power by trying to lift different objects of different weights.

Conclusion: Making a simple vacuum cleaner with a DC motor is a fun and educational DIY project that your kids will love! It's a great way to teach them about the principles of physics while also creating a practical tool that they can use around the house. So, grab your materials and get ready to clean up with your very own DIY vacuum cleaner! And, if your kids need a fun and functional backpack to carry their DIY project supplies, check out Little Monster Bags, the perfect backpack for school, playtime, and everything in between. 🎒👀

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