10 Mindful Mantras to Teach Your Child for a Happier Life

Introduction: Teaching children the art of mindfulness can be a valuable tool in helping them navigate the ups and downs of life. One of the simplest and most effective ways to introduce mindfulness to kids is through mantras. These short phrases can help kids focus on the present moment, calm their minds, and build self-esteem. In this blog post, we'll share 10 mindful mantras that you can teach your child to help them live a happier, more mindful life.

What are Mantras and Why are They Important?

Mantras are short phrases or statements that are repeated as a way to focus the mind and cultivate positive emotions. By repeating these phrases, children can learn to redirect negative thoughts and feelings, and instead focus on the present moment. Mindful mantras can help kids build self-confidence, cultivate positive emotions, and develop a more positive outlook on life.

10 Mindful Mantras for Kids:

  1. I am strong and capable.
  2. I am grateful for all the good in my life.
  3. I can do hard things.
  4. I am kind and compassionate to myself and others.
  5. I am in control of my thoughts and feelings.
  6. I am worthy of love and respect.
  7. I am unique and special in my own way.
  8. I am brave and can face my fears.
  9. I believe in myself and my abilities.
  10. I am calm and peaceful.


Incorporating mindful mantras into our daily routines is a wonderful way to promote positive self-talk and boost our overall mental well-being. By teaching these mantras to our children, we can help them develop a positive outlook on life and build their self-confidence.

Remember to practice these mantras regularly and encourage your child to use them whenever they need a little boost of positivity. By doing so, you'll help them develop a lifelong habit of positive self-talk that will serve them well in all areas of life.

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