About Us

What is Little Monster Bags all about?





We start this journey here in 2021 with the idea that what Children wear should allow them to express themselves. The Monsters with their goofy funny faces give that freedom of expression to Children. 

Changing the eyes, the noses, the eyebrows seems simple on its own, but as adults we forget sometimes how Children have to learn emotions as they grow up and expressing yourself is not always easy at the best of times. 

With Little Monster Bags, Children can bring a story to their mood without having to be so direct. 

It's also a journey of creativity, to encourage Children to think outside the box. "Yes, it's totally ok to have 3 eyes, two noses and a five sets of eyebrows." Being different is more than ok. It is to be encouraged and fostered. Creativity is a skill from which leaders, designers, engineers, artists, inventors are born. Why not start encouraging it young. 

The digital age has forced children to conform in ways that we as adults didn't have to worry about. Gadgets, toys, shoes, clothes, as they get older - the dreaded social media presence. So we hope with Little Monster Bags, to just let children hold onto that non-conformity and retain some expression and individuality.

So we want to say thank you for reading this, supporting our idea and sharing our Little Monster Bags with your Children.