Explore Our Learning Resources for Kids | Little Monster Backpacks

Welcome to the Learning Resources section of Little Monster Backpacks, a place to come to for fun and educational materials designed to give you a break when you're out and about. Just have a browse and print off what you need. Simple but engaging activities and creative projects organised so you should (in theory) be able to find what you are looking for with relative ease. 

Worksheets for Kids

Discover a variety of educational worksheets tailored to different age groups and skill levels. From alphabet and number practice to fun puzzles and coloring pages, our worksheets are designed to make learning fun and effective. Perfect for keeping kids occupied while mum and dad enjoy a dinner at a restaurant or a coffee by the beach. 

Recipes for Kids

Get your children excited about cooking with our easy-to-follow recipes. These kid-friendly dishes are not only delicious but also provide a fantastic opportunity for family bonding. Whether packing a lunch for their monster backpack or preparing a weekend treat, our recipes are sure to delight.

Gardening Activities

Introduce your kids to the joys of gardening with our fun and simple gardening activities. Learn how to plant seeds, care for plants, and watch them grow. Our guides are perfect for little green thumbs looking to explore the outdoors with their trusty kids backpack in tow.

DIY Crafts and Projects

Encourage creativity with our collection of DIY crafts and projects that you can make together at home. From simple art projects to more intricate crafts, these activities are perfect for rainy days or quiet afternoons. Keep your kids' monster backpacks stocked with the supplies they need for endless creative fun.

At Little Monster Backpacks, we believe that learning and fun go hand in hand. Our resources are designed to enhance your child's educational journey while bringing you into the little monster backpack family.  

We will update this resource page regularly so check back often for new updates. 

Have a monster of a day!